How Far Can We Stretch The Web Of Life

OVERBUILT JENGA TOWER AS METAPHOR FOR AMERICACan we use this Jenga Tower as a metaphor for “overbuilt America” as we talk to Evan Pritchard this week on Moccasin Tracks.  COUPLE PLAYING WITH PAINTED JENGA TOWERA couple building the blocks that have been artistically painted.  Community  building in a tower like way (Jenga) or community building in a circle? With the web of life!! Can we have cooperation? SOLID JENDA TOWER AS METAPHOR FOR COOPERATIVE USAAnd build a solid or are we stretching the Web of Life?  to fall?FALLEN JENGA TOWER AS METAPHOR FOR AMERICAListen here to our conversation with Evan Pritchard on Moccasin Tracks this week.  We will be broadcasting on Goddard College Community Radio, WGDR, May 25 from 10-11AM (eastern) locally at 91.1FM and 91.7FM and

Thank-you to the artists and Jenga players and photos of Evan Pritchard.

In this podcast we talk with Evan Pritchard, Mi’kmaq and Celtic descent who is author of over 70 books, award winning historian and professor of Native Studies. His books include Bird Medicine The Power of bird Shamanism, No Word For Time, Stories of the sacred, Native New Yorkers and Henry Hudson and the Algonquins of NY Native Prophesy and European Discovery. Look for his catalog on the website for Algonquin Culture. Music Credits:Honor The Earth by Nahko and Medicine For The People from the Take Your power back CD with Side One Dummy Records and Spirit Of The rainbow By Evan Pritchard Live on Moccasin Tracks Find Evan on facebook as well. Moccasin Tracks is broadcast weekly at WGDR Plainfield, Goddard College Community Radio Mondays 9AM-10:30AM eastern since June 2019 with host and producer Deb Reger and friends at and locally at 91.1FM and 91.7FM weekly archive at…go to archives and scroll down on the day Moccasin Tracks airs to play the latest show. Moccasin Tracks is syndicated on Pacifica Radio Network weekly. please note because of the pandemic Moccasin Tracks is heard Mondays 10-11AM and repeated Tuesdays at 4PM on

Engaging Our Spiritual Path During Isolation/ From Covid 19

A Conversation With Kapi’onlani On Moccasin Tracks96437043_348738179417394_6040624979291144192_n 96597946_687469012049081_8022438145112932352_n 96215126_1075802186109089_7074713865623175168_nDuring this time of the pandemic we are producing radio from home and invited Kapi’olani Laronal to give us an update from her indigenous perspective in NYC.  She brings with her: relatives, relations and love for the land and sacred places of her ancestors that we share with these pictures.  Kapi’olani reminds us not only of her family and ancestors but the ancestors of the land where she resides.  native-americans-in-the-bronx-12-728native-americans-in-the-bronx-22-72896358868_662648984515500_2965337311983697920_n96567628_1156209108105304_5316823514177601536_nWe feel her family and friends as she tells us stories and gifts us with inspiration to survive and care for Mother Earth. Listen here to our latest conversation with Kapi’olani Laronal which will broadcast from, Goddard College Community Radio , May 11, 2020 from 10-11AM (eastern) and locally at 91.1FM and 91.7FM

Here is the link to an earlier conversation


96413514_572506966724926_891339003935064064_nWe hope you enjoy listening! And love to all the relatives!! 96377802_278290453176544_6487304803595583488_n.jpg96254999_288725472284253_3020923216815194112_n

A Radio Tribute and Rememberance

DSCF0447Charlene Willing McManis at the WGDR radio station at Goddard College Community Radio around 2011.  We are broadcasting a special radio show soon to celebrate the Life and work of Charlene and wanted to share some of the pictures.  We also were able to video the conversation we had with Patty Manning and Traci Sorell and we will share the links here.  The radio show will air within the next week or so but you can listen to the podcast here:

DSCF0450Charlene with her husband and grandson at the radio station. DSCF0448

While we were preparing this tribute we talked to Traci Sorell and Patty Manning.  Here they are on video.



We thank the guests and thank-you for appreciating Charlene along with us. Together we celebrate her life and remember in a good way.  See you on the radio! with much love and respect, Deb Reger host, producer and engineer for Moccasin Tracks




Book Review And Moccasin Tracks With Host Deb Reger April 20, 2020 Radio Show


This week on Moccasin Tracks you will hear music created by Native musicians who feel deeply for the families of the missing and we want to thank them for these prayers and remembrances in the form of music.  Tracy Lee Nelsen’s song Khadijah starts the show. (“Tracy Lee Nelson is a Luiseno /Diegueno Native California Indian, a descendant of the Guassac family of the La Jolla Indian Reservation and the Mataweer/Duro family of the Mesa Grande Indian Reservation. This song Khadijah was composed to bring awareness to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous lady’s from around the US and Canada through  Music.) Also included is a CD by Young Spirit, Red Dress Special produced by Canyon Records.  And also Joanne Shenandoah’s song We Miss You.  We also play a song by Keith Secola called Say Your Name that was part of Life Is Grand CD.

LissaYellowBirdChaseHere is Lissa Yellowbird Chase who has founded Sahnish Scouts to find the missing.  Her story is told in the book Yellow Bird Oil Murder And A Woman’s Seach For Justice In Indian Country with Sierra Crane Murdoch.  During these times of physical isolation due to Coronavirus we are made aware that pipelines especially on Tribal Lands continue to be built including man camps for the workers.  We ask Lissa to comment on the increase of violence on her reservation and hear about how she is coping and the work she is doing.42008084041_b04df69633_byou can write to Lissa at:

Tune in at and locally at 91.1FMPlainfield and WGDH Harwick at 91.7FM Monday April 20, 2020 from 10AM-11AM, eastern time, to hear the conversation with Lissa Yellowbird and Sierra Murdoch.  Thank-you Sierra for your dedication to this topic and writing your first book.  more from Sierra at: http://www.sierramurdoch.com46180988._UY630_SR1200,630_20190712_SierraCraneMurdoch_Portraits_TerraySylvester_0293-BWThank-you for listening to Moccasin Tracks.  Go to for more info and listen to the archive at where you can find the latest show scrolling to Mondays and moving the play arrow to correct time.



New Time Moccasin Tracks Broadcast At Home, Goddard College Community Radio, 10AM-11AM (eastern) , Mondays

DSCF5242DSCF5243 2

Starting Monday  April 13 Moccasin Tracks with host Deb Reger will be heard on Goddard College Community Radio from 10AM-11AM.  Tune in locally at 91.1FM Plainfield and 91.7FM Hardwick and online at  The archive will be at and posted for 2 weeks.

We are at social distancing/physical distancing production from home and using what broadcast tools are available to bring you the news from Wabanaki Territory and also current issues from around the country concerning the original peoples.

We are working on art therapy at home with mural painting as pictured here with these  works in progress!  Some of the shows we are working on include a Tribute to Charlene  main_IndianNoMore_seal_smallMcManis who was a neighbor and served on the Vermont Commission of Native American Affairs.  She organized many events in Vermont and we want to celebrate her book that was published with the help of Traci Sorrell.  From the Grande Ronde Tribe, Charlene lived in Vermont for many years and supported the efforts of Abenaki state recognition.

Also we read YellowBird Oil, Murder and a Woman’s Search For Justice In Indian Country and look forward to interviewing with Lissa Yellow Bird founder of Sahnish Scouts and doing incredible work with the families of MMIW (and girls and men) to find justice and author Sierra Crane Murdoch.46180988._UY630_SR1200,630_

We are also interviewing with Native scholar and teacher Evan Pritchard (Mi’kmaq) who is busy researching and writing songs, writing books and sharing his knowledge and wisdom with us via Zoom.  Some of our previous interviews with Evan can be viewed at…



During this time of quarantine we look forward to continuing our radio service in this way.  Tune in when you can and find us on for announcements and show descriptions.

Moccasin Tracks Syndicated at WOOL FM


Tonights Feature With Ukumbwa

Community, Ritual and Relationships

Listen to the syndicated Moccasin Tracks show on wool fm 91.5FM and at 10PM (tonight Saturday nights) followed by First Voices Radio at 11PM.
This week Moccasin Tracks features an interview with Ukumbwa Sauti who talks to us on the internet as community radio broadcasters in Vermont are producing from home.
This is the year of the Earth Element says Ukumbwa Sauti, initiated Dagara Elder who talks with us on this week’s edition of Moccasin Tracks podcast prepared for broadcast on community radio. We talk about Healing, Community,Ritual and Relationships. We ask who are our ancestors and what lessons do we need to move with for these times of physical distancing to create the balance necessary for understanding healing and our life purpose. Here is a quote from one of Ukumbwa’s blogs…”Cultural Media Literacy The primary focus of cultural media literacy is to illuminate the function of communications media and its technologies, its narratives and use with regard to people, society, what we do, how we think and what we think about, how we treat each other and the natural world in which we live. Media for media’s sake is meaningless. Media for society’s sake is a progressive and necessary endeavor.” Ukumbwa Sauti Producer/Event Creator World Ancestor Concert Educator/Workshop Facilitator Media Producer Original Music – SoundCloud Spiritual Counseling – initiated Dagara Elder Connect with me on facebook! Blogs: Cultural Media Literacy Indigeny and Energetics …how deep the water…
Next week Moccasin Tracks will feature an interview with Kapiolani Laronal who talks to us on the internet from NYC area.

DSCF2365DSCF2364Tonight !!! (Saturday Nights) 10PM on www, and 91.5FM

Kapiolani has co-hosted on Moccasin Tracks and on April 11 at 10PM you’ll hear the latest interview with Kapiolani at  WOOL FM. She also was with us at WJSC Johnson State College ( and community) radio. DSCF2555The air studio at Johnson is awesome!  Moccasin Tracks appreciates the Pacifica affiliates that rebroadcast Moccasin Tracks!! for more info find us at



Presentation by Crazy Horse Family and Author


It was a full house for the presentation by author William Matson and Crazy Horse family representative, Floyd Clown Sr. The audience asked questions in part 2 that Floyd answered with historical references and family oral history stories. This presentation, about the 277th, was a task that will continue in 2020 as they continue to present in all the East and Southern States.

We were able to edit a bit but its still a little rough with audience popping up in front of camera but we wanted you to hear the presentation by Floyd as it is an important story to know. They are being guided spiritually by the ancestors who told them to reveal these truths.

It was an honor to talk to them on the radio and video the presentation at the Kearsarge Indian Museum last October, 2019.

DSCF5093.jpgFloyd and William at book signing.

art is from the Contemporary Art Gallery at

and Part one has been edited a bit here:

Thank-you to William and Floyd for their generosity and gifting us with this important message.