Abenaki Cultural Regeneration Project

The Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs is sponsoring a camp experience for interested Abenaki adults to grow their learning in traditional ways. It is called the Abenaki Cultural regeneration Project and will run for a week beginning on June 4, 2017. This camp is being run in collaboration with the Northwoods Stewardship Center in East Charleston, Vermont.

In the long view a recovery of cultural knowledge and identity has tremendous potential for many applications in the lives of contemporary Abenaki society. Returning cultural knowledge to all persons of Vermont Abenaki heritage is vitally important for identity, for strengthening healthy life skills and to preserve our special culture for future generations of Abenaki. The result of these efforts, especially on the younger generation of Abenaki is expected to provide tribal members a sense of pride and a deeper knowledge, a clear sense of identity and a stronger value system from which to draw upon in their lives.

We plan to include instruction/practice in woods lore, plantlore, spiritual practices, history and language.

If you are interested in joining the camp and are willing to share what you learn with younger members of your tribe fill out the application.

Carol Irons
PO Box 298
Albany, Vt 05820

info and questions 802-755-6143
or email: PCFMVU@gmail.com

***posted here by request of committee member and Commissioner, Carol Irons***
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Traditional Abenaki Ash Baskets and Apprenticing with Master Artist

A Conversation With Kerry Wood and Aaron Wood On Moccasin Tracks Feb 23, 2017

We are delighted to have had an opportunity to talk with Kerry Wood and her son Aaron Wood about making baskets with traditional Abenaki techniques and values.  Both apprenticed with Master Artist Jeanne Brink and the Vermont Folklife Center Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program.  Aron shares a bit about harvesting and preparing to weave the basket which he says is about 90% of the work!  dscf3769DSCF3766.JPG

Kerry tells us about the fancy work on this basket and tells us about the baskets her Great Grandmother Elvine Obomsawin and family made for their livlihood.  She says there was a time they got 5 cents for a basket!dscf3762DSCF3768.JPG

https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb8/episodes/2017-02-25T08_52_09-08_00  Listen to our conversation from the live broadcast on WRUV FM Burlington.  DSCF3770.JPG

Join the Abenaki Artists Association and Lake Champlain Maritime Museum for Abenaki Heritage Weekend, June 25-26, 2017.

Red Warrior Society And Mothers Against Meth Alliance/East Coast Tour Stop In Montpelier

16388063_758674144287603_1936467527259763983_nIn the following podcasts of the audio we collected Feb 2, 2017 at the Unitarian Church in Montpelier, Vermont, Moccasin Tracks is honored to have recorded these voices from the front lines of the No DAPL Prayer camps that are still in resistance near Cannon Ball, ND. These Warriors speak from their hearts in an effort to inform and educate. They tell us their personal stories and we are honored to be able to share them with you here. Also you will here from founder of Mothers Against Meth Alliance, Julie Richards (Oglala Lakota) who has a vision to build a safe house for youth on her reservation.

https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb8/episodes/2017-02-05T13_44_16-08_00 Listen here to Julie Richards personal story.

16425895_757775347710816_7359956142123805683_nthis is the banner they brought with them and we will be posting the complete presentation on youtube.com/MoccasinTracks


https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb8/episodes/2017-02-10T05_51_31-08_00    this is Ernie Cobiness on the tour…just the song

https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb8/episodes/2017-02-10T06_04_27-08_00  and this is the Ernie, his presentation and song

here is Victor Puertas and other Red Warriors on tour: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb8/episodes/2017-02-10T06_25_46-08_00


Thank-you Red Warrior society and Mothers Against Meth Alliance!  We appreciate your work !  Mni Wiconi! Water Is Life!




Water Protectors From NDAPL Join Us On Moccasin Tracks

DSCF3734.JPGDSCF3733.JPGJust back from the resistance to DAPL Prayer Camps Neddie Katsitsiaionhne, Leadhorse Choctaw and Daniel stop by WRUV FM Burlington for a Live radio interview with Moccasin Tracks, a weekly show hosted by Deb Reger and friends.

DSCF3735.JPGDaniel is from the Oneida Nation in Wisconsin.




Music Credits: Prolific The Rapper Remix Black Snake with Tribe Called Red, Pow Wow Stadium, original song (https://soundcloud.com/prolific-the-rapper/black-snakes-remix-prolific-the-rapper-x-a-tribe-called-red) Gabriel Ayala, Encore CD, Deez Mas (records) La Isla, song (ayalaguitarist.com) Annie Humphrey, Spirit Horses from Makoche Music Daniel Guzzman King (Oneida Nation, Wisconsin), Neddie (Mohawk Nation) and Leadhorse Choctaw join us on Moccasin Tracks in this Part 1 of Moccasin Tracks from the live broadcast on WRUV FM Burlington, Feb 2, 2017. Just back from the Oceti Oyate Prayer Camps these Water Protectors share their experiences. Neddie sings for us. Daniel reads about Rizol and the health consequences of the buffalo, people and all life as quarantine is happening on the Cannon Ball Ranch. (http://savethebuffalo.com/home/) Also check out : www.buffalofieldcampaign.org Water Protectors have also been poisoned by this chemical spraying. Daniel also shares from www.honortheearth.org information on the Pipeline #3 going thru Minnesota. Also listen to Part 2 with the Water protectors on Moccasin Tracks, Feb 2, 2017. Moccasin Tracks is heard weekly on WRUV FM Burlington at 90.1FM and wruv.org Thursdays noon-2PM with host and producer Deb Reger wruv.moccasintracks@gmail.com radiowithdeb.wordpress.com www.facebook.com/MoccasinTracks We are syndicated on Pacifica Radio Network weekly, contact for more info. www.youtube.com/Moccasin Tracks


Joining us in the air studio at University of Vermont student and community radio, WRUV FM Burlington we are honored to have Neddie Katsitsiaiohne (Mohawk Nation), Daniel King from the Oneida Nation in Wisconsin and Leadhorse Choctaw, Water Protectors just returning from the resistance to DAPL camps near Cannon Ball ND, to gather supplies to take back to the Haudenosaunee camped in resistance to the DAPL. They tell us about ceremony and the importance of providing spiritual support for the Water Protectors on the front lines and share personal stories. Thank-you to all the Water Protectors!! Neddie also sings another Round Dance Song in this segment of Moccasin Tracks. Other Music includes Northern Cree,Ewipihcihk CD, Young and Free song from Canyon Records and Thomas X from Red Lake with Rez Rap Records, Have A Nice Day CD and song. Poem by Sherman Alexie, Autopsy. Also we played A Tribe Called Red, Electric Pow Wow is the track from the CD: A Tribe Called Red

DSCF3721.JPGDSCF3724.JPGDSCF3725.JPG Images from Dartmouth Library of the Ozoco Murals of History of Civilization

Pre-American Peoples Lived IN So-Called Vermont For Thousands Of Years


Lucy Cannon-Neel, organizer!


Giving thanks for the original peoples of this area today and every day as we recognize the continuation of Culture that predates the English names of lakes , rivers, towns and lands in so-called Vermont. One Nation that called this area home, N’Dakinna, was the Abenaki Nation that lived in this area for over 10,000 thousand years. As we move thru these arduous times we remember to thank the spirit of this land that holds the prayers of thousands of years from the ancestors and we celebrate with these descendants as we move with radio and community TV with Moccasin Tracks.

A Living Culture includes the gatherings of the Peoples (Alnobac). Moccasin Tracks has been honored to be able to film and document some of these gatherings to present to you with full heart of appreciation of a people that withstood genocide (Eugenics) and remain affirming traditions. These few videos show a little of the skills sharing workshops that happened at the Affirming Traditions Conference, Oct. 2016 with the Vermont Commission On Native American Affairs (vcnaa.vermont.gov) and Abenaki Artists Association (abenakiarts.org) and the Abenaki Tribes and Bands and the individuals that participated. Thank-you for the opportunity to film and share your skills!!  (thanks to Nicole and Melody for photos)


thank-you Rick Hunt of the Laughing Couple and Melody Nunn (photographer)

In this video, Vera LongToe Sheehan and her apprentice Jay Brook are making a bag with twining techniques. Vera explains some of the 1,000year old + history.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsjt2_XzSsI  14708202_10154728962197287_4664272062809437768_n

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu3SJ9bu1aw Drum-making with Mike Descoteaux (Nulhegan Abenaki)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bLv6CnYHLM John Record with Tanning Skills haring
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUrTaZeFXRY Finger Weaving Skills Sharing with Melody Walker Brook14713596_10154728919867287_1025882313965488376_n


Evan Pritchard Joins Us On Air With Moccasin Tracks and WRUV FM Burlington, January 19, 2017 at 1 PM

evan-p-2full-moon-feb-24-2013-014Pritchard.jpgWe were happy to find Native New Yorkers, The Legacy Of The Algonquin People Of New York at the University Of Vermont library to read about the area where there is another pipeline called unfortunately, The Pilgrim Pipeline, that would carry fossil-fuel poisons thru the traditional Algonquin Territory.

No Word For Time…

Many years of research by this Miʼkmaq author, professor, musician, speaker, Cultural Keeper, and advocate for the rights of the Original Peoples precedes this conversation we will have with Evan Pritchard on Jan 19, 2017 at 1PM with Moccasin Tracks on a Live interview on wruv.org and locally at 90.1FM.

A few years ago I was handed a copy of the book by Evan Pritchard, “There Is No Word For Time” (thank-you Carol Irons) and had listened to Tiokasin Ghosthorse interview Evan on First Voices Radio inspired me to check out was was in the University of Vermont Library and found Native New Yorkers Legacy of the Algonquin Peoples

The Legacy Of the Algonquin

He writes about the landscape and the original peoples of so-called New York with many references to the Wabanaki Peoples and Lenape Nation with original place names and agreements and treaties that still exist with the peoples that remain who still have the Wampum Belts that documented the Peace and Friendship Agreements. The importance of this historic writing reflects in the Living Culture that exists today with the Lenape Nation, as an example, as they try to practice their traditional way of life to protect Water and Mother Earth and resist the Pilgrim Pipeline.

The writing follows the trails and when we can see beyond the roads, bridges, dams and other development we can feel the presence of a traditional values and ways of being. We can begin to understand and respect this point of view from this Miʼkmaq man.

As preparations for a “400 year” celebration of Pilgrims in Plymouth, Mass. and Lenape people stand firm as protectors to their homelands we ask our listeners to open your hearts to listen to the real history to appreciate our responsibility to not just acknowledge but to understand and work for change that embraces a stewardship and way of life that lives in balance with Mother Earth as these original peoples did for 10,000ʼs thousands of years before European contact.

The bio-diversity that Evan Pritchard writes about in his book may be hard to imagine as the city structures of 500 years of colonization surround us today, but would behoove us to celebrate. From Standing Rock to Plymouth Rock to Split Rock stand with the living cultures today that are leading the way forward with traditions practiced that let Spirit guide.

We look forward to a conversation with Evan Pritchard on Moccasin Tracks, Jan 19, 2017 at 1PM. Tune the radio on at 90.1FM or online at wruv.org. Look to our Moccasin Tracks page on Facebook for links to interviews.no-word-for-timeevan-pritcharddscf3692dscf2565

Affirming Traditions:Vermont Commission On Native American Affairs 2016


Photos by Melody Nunn.  Moccasin Tracks made a 2-part video that will be broadcast on Orcamedia.net, the Onion River Community Access TV in Montpelier Vermont next month.  Preview here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N7gjuQrolk  (part one)

Affirming Traditions Conference with Vermont Commission On Native American Affairs. (www.vcnaa.vermont.gov) filmed by Moccasin Tracks at the Mount Norris Scout Camp late October 2016. In this video Melody Walker Brook introduces the event with a story. Chalie Delaney, Nulhegan Abenaki, shares some words. We also recorded The Laughing Couple, Carolyn Black Hunt and Rick Hunt with an Abenaki Origin Story. music with the Nulhegan Drum. This video prepared for Community Access TV in central Vermont with Orca Media, Onion River Community Access, find them at orcamedia.net and Thank-you Orca for allowing Moccasin Tracks hands on learning opportunities. more video coming soon.




Here is Part 2 of Affirming Traditions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_c6k1rn4oA

Affirming Traditions Conference Part 2. In this episode we view the craft presentation and workshops with Melody Walker Brook (finger weaving), Vera Longtoe Sheehan (Twining), John Record(Leather and Rawhide) and a Food Sovereignty presentation by Liz Green Charlebois from the Indian Museum in Warner, NH. (indianmuseum.org) This event was made possible by the Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership and the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs and Orca Media . Thank-you for your interest in the Vermont Abenaki Nation. Hosted by the Vermont Commission On Native American Affairs. (vcnaa.vermont.gov)


Moccasin Tracks is on air weekly at wruv.org and 90.1FM Burlington. Follow is on facebook.com/MoccasinTracks


Mike 14724597_1107020206014434_7693593362843554105_n14720623_1107022842680837_9030634995406282319_nDeb14718837_1107023026014152_2566150942033390722_n Lucy!!  We also want to thank Nicole for her pictures.  Moccasin Tracks asks to be forgiven for any wrongs we may have done this year.  We are looking forward to our next community radio and TV video.  Olibamkanni and thank-you14716329_1107020222681099_5423322989329051154_n14650597_10154728889322287_4258408904024720017_n14729352_1107022752680846_7909070462625610485_n