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Giving Thanks From Moccasin Tracks To You

Some links to listening to recent interviews..we will be back on air Jan 9 (Noon-2PM), Jan 13 (Noon-4PM) Jan 16 (noon-2PM and Jan 23 (noon-2PM)

Its a beauty of a snowstorm and giving thanks for the warmth of a woodstove and shelter. With some awesome presentations close by, Moccasin Tracks has been audio recording and editing for community radio broadcast thru the Pacifica Radio Network. Interviews conducted on Moccasin Tracks live broadcast at WRUV FM have also been posted and we will share those links below.

We wanted to give heartfelt thanks to our community radio stations that rebroadcast the syndicated shows and also big thanks to Onion River Community Access TV for mentoring Moccasin Tracks and broadcasting the stories and news of the original peoples that we produce. thru Vermont Media Network your local cable station can broadcast these programs as well. Go to search for Moccasin Tracks to find all the editions including the Saratoga Native American Festival Part 2 just released.

Listen here to Moccasin Tracks interviews broadcast on WRUV FM Burlington Nov thru Dec 2017:
Fidel Moreno, indigenous filmmaker, is presenting the screening of Gathering Our Hearts At Standing Rock along with Water Protectors Jonahruh
Roberts and Ryan B Curtis who share stories and music. Thank-you. Moccasin Tracks host, Deb Reger, interviews with Fidel at the end of this podcast. He shares his feelings and wonder at his experiences at Standing Rock.
This edition of Moccasin Tracks features A Conversation With Evan Pritchard, and songs with Evan and on Canoe Song he plays guitar. Music is from a CD but the conversation is not the best quality audio.(tech difficulties at the station)
We talk about celebrations of the season,landkeepers, ceremonial stone landscapes and intentional fires. Evan Pritchard encourages us all to nurture our spirits and “don’t let anyone put out your inner fire”, to sing up the Sun and practice gifting all year! Always an honor to have Evan on air. find out more at:

Evan P 2
Moccasin Tracks recorded a talk/presentation by Dallas Goldtooth, campaign organizer for “Leave It In The Ground”, Indigenous Environmental Network. “Dallas Goldtooth, a celebrated activist and comedian, will be the featured speaker at the signature event of Native American History Month at Champlain College on Tuesday, Dec. 5 at 6 p.m., in the Champlain Room at the Center for Communication and Creative Media. Goldtooth is an organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network, one of the co-creators of the 1491s comedy group, an organizer of the Keystone XL Campaign, Standing Rock activist, a Dakota linguist, artist, comedian, and powwow emcee. His talk is entitled “Resistance, Renewal, and Laughter: Our Fight to Protect Mother Earth.”

In this segment of Moccasin Tracks, Dec 26, 2017 we are broadcasting from WRUV FM Burlington on the campus of University of Vermont. Grandmother Tsastilqualus talks to us from the Matriarch Camp, holding space in solidarity with all the peaceful camps that are protecting the Salmon in the traditional territory of her Nation. The women have been at camps, some for longer than 3 moons protecting the water and life from the commercial fish farming areas that are pooisoning the Wild Salmon.This is part of her DNA she tells us, the Salmon are the culture of her Nation. She is now at the camp outside offices of Fisheries and ocean in Victoria, BC. Support and information can be found on the Facebook pages: Cleasning Our Waters

As an Indigenous Woman from Labrador, Denise Cole has been walking “with straight eyes and clean hands” for many years as part of the circle moving with spiritual work as is her duty/responsibility. The resistance to the Mega-Dam Project known as Muskrat Falls is cultural genocide of her Nation. Her community is downriver and at risk of flooding caused by this project. Already the Land has been plundered. Denise tells of of her personal spiritual work that continues to make a growing circle of solidarity. Find more info at the social media sites and on Land Defenders and other indigenous led and solidarity groups working together to protect the water and land and life.

As an introduction we read a letter sent to the UN. We talk to Terri Sappier at the Wolastoq Grandmothers Cultural Camp which stated in the summer of 2017 when the providence of New Brunswick made an agreement with the Sisson Mining Co. As Terry says they are not leaving. She took a year to prepare to go back to living on the traditional territory of her ancestors. She says everyone has inherent rights and that these Grandmothers are practicing their inherent rights. ” The proposed tungsten and molybdenum open pit mine and tailings facility will be operational for the 1 generation leaving behind irreparable damage for time immemorial. The money raised will be used to help with costs such as fuel, food, and materials to build a traditional educational institution (healing lodge)for everyone who wants to learn about the Wulustukyik (Maliseet people).”


Thank-you for listening to Moccasin Tracks and supporting the perspectives, music and Voices of the Nations you hear on this radio show!


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