Celebrate Living Culture With Moccasin Tracks 2018

DSCF2026From our weekly broadcasts we are honored to be able to feature conversations that bring a perspective to the airwaves that represent a way of life that works for the greater good of Nation and all life, to protect and honor all life, that contains in its everyday life: honoring and respecting Mother Earth, Water and so much more…


Music credits: Rushingwind and Mucklow, Ancient Elements CD, Ceremony of Morning,rushingwindmusic.com and Spirit of Thank-you, Eastern Medicine Singers from the CD Old School Eastern, self-released

In this podcast we introduce Moccasin Tracks and interview with Doug Harris(Deputy Officer for Narragansett Indian Tribe Historic Preservation Office)and attorney for the Narragansett Nation and NITHPO in this effort, Anne Marie Garti. Anne Marie tells us a little about the National Historic Preservation Act and the Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC) and reads us some of the legal law. It is thru these legal challenges that the Tribal Historic Preservation Offices can protect the “Manitou Has-suk” or spirit stones. Doug tells us how tribes and towns are entering into MOU (memorandum of understanding) to identify religious, cultural ceremonial sites and petition the agencies for protection of these sites. He is working with other Tribes in the East in this effort and invites state recognized tribes to work with them. Doug has submitted definitions of these sites to the National Registry of Historic Places. Doug Harris is a preservationist for ceremonial landscapes. His guidance comes from the Elders of his community and he asks us all to, “let the landscape speak for itself”. An honor to talk with Anne and Doug. Thank-you for listening. ** from Moccasin Tracks broadcast on Nov 15, 2017 at WRUV FM Burlington.

recent update:



From the radio show January 13, Holding Space for the Indigenous Voices and Music, we are almost ready to post an hour long video featuring RoseMary Wereley, Dainah Wereley, Black Hawk Singers and Bryan Blanchette…Here is a preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M70o2kbgSj8

another segment with Peter Mayhew and Isaiah Mayhew



Moccasin Tracks was very humbled and honored to talk with Kymelaya Sari. She published this article recently for the weekly newsprint magazine 7 days.

The new broadcast schedule out on the airwaves now with Moccasin Tracks show Tuesdays, Noon-2PM just after classical musics with Laima who is awesome on WRUV FM Burlington, at 90.1FM and wruv.org.  check outwww. facebook.com/MoccasinTracks

for announcements and links to posts..more soon




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