Abenaki Cultural Regeneration Project

DSCF4444At the Northwoods Stewardship Center in East Charleston Vermont, Moccasin Tracks was honored to spend the weekend with this group from the Abenaki Nation of Vermont to record and video some of the “Basic Teachings”.  In these pictures the group is making deer hide rattles.  In the coming weeks we will be sharing more pictures and video.DSCF4443DSCF4442.jpgBig thanks to the Vermont Commission On Native American Affairs for sponsoring and continuing to support Living Culture!DSCF4477.jpgDSCF4459.jpgDSCF4457.jpgDSCF4482.jpg

Abenaki Nation Participants in the March 16-18 2018 gathering.  Thank-you!

Commissioner Andrea Brett

Commissioner Carol McGranaghan

Lisa Plourde

Chief Eugene Rich

George Larabee

Commissioner Carol Irons

Kerry Royce WoodDSCF4448.jpg



Abenaki Cultural Regeneration Project Postscript By Request

For the purpose of this article “Vermont Abenaki Nation” or “Abenaki Nation of Vermont” means the group or individual living in the so-called colonial state known as Vermont and since the sponsors, Vermont Commission On Native American Affairs, recognizes all indigenous Nations and serves the state recognized Abenaki Tribes and Bands and those not recognized, registered or enrolled, we at Moccasin Tracks mean all individuals that identify Abenaki as “Vermont Abenaki Nation” etc. with respect to all.







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