Let The Landscape Speak For Itself

Doug Harris, preservationist

From The Elders Weekend at the Peace Village in Lincoln, Vermont we are grateful to everyone who made this possible to be able to film this presentation by Narragansett Tribal Deputy Officer for the Narragansett Tribal Historic Preservation Office, Doug Harris. The presentation is called Let The Landscape Speak and we are honored to be able to share this with everyone who may be interested in protecting Sacred Stone Landscapes and Ceremonial Stone Sites. In this first part of the presentation Doug gifts us with background information and stories of working with Eastern Tribes and Southern Tribes in this important work. He continues to work to identify and protect sites with all tribes, towns and Nations that have cultural interest in this preservation. In this segment Elder, Michael Bastine shares information that speaks to the word “Indian” and how the original peoples were seen as In-dios (people with God within) could we say spiritual? there was not a country called India yet, Michael tells us. Doug is also using the opportunity to address the children gathered. Meri Kitchens shares a welcoming song and Doug gifts us with an introduction to his work and how he was assigned to be the deputy officer by medicine people of his tribe. This is a preview and we welcome comments as we continue to edit this program at the community access TV, ORCAmedia.net. Thank-you Sunray and Wisdom of Elders Gathering for allowing Moccasin Tracks to film. contact Deb Reger for more information about the film at wruv.moccasintracks@gmail.com sunray.org for information about the Peace VillageMVI_0956.MP4.00_58_40_13.Still0030003101DSCF4633.jpg
Part ONE:
Part TWO
In this segment Doug continues his presentation and describes the relationship with towns and the making of MOU’s to protect the sites that have been identified.  He shares about some of the sites that have already been protected.
There is more to be edited and these posts are a preview of the complete presentation which we will continue to work on.  We are also thankful to ORCA media for the use of cameras and editing computers.  Thank-you to the Narrangansett Tribal Historic Preservation Office and to Deputy Officer, Doug Harris for protecting Sacred Sites and
Ceremonial Stone Landscapes for future generations.

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