Book Review: The Relentless Business of Treaties How Indigenous Land Became U.S. Property – Martin Case

GUEST_fbcb903f-3791-4588-b3af-e6c3e7a0d964We hope to talk with author, Martin Case soon on  Moccasin Tracks.  This  book is researched history that will always break my heart and leaves me questioning how do we forgive this ugly truth or can we? The so-called property system we live with today was shaped by the men who signed treaties. Big respect to Martin Case for the work that goes into this kind of research yet gifts us with an understanding.  He tells us who the treaty signers were from military officers to land speculators, business owners, traders, settlers who wanted land for themselves.

The book’s focus is with Minnesota and the treaty making times of late 1700’s through 1800’s.  The Northwest Territory included many Nations that were swindled  by so-called treaties, and there is still court rulings today that look at decisions from that time period.

We look forward to conversing with Martin Case about this revealing work and appreciate looking at these past tragic acts to move forward with truth. The book is available thru the Minnesota Historical Society Press.  Moccasin Tracks is heard on WRUV FM Burlington Fridays Noon-2PM.

Thanks, Deb Reger, host and producer of Moccasin Tracks and find us on

Minnesota Historical Society Press (






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