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Moccasin Tracks Giving Thanks

DSCF2995This week syndicated Moccasin Tracks will be playing  a rebroadcast of a show we aired on WGDR Goddard College Community Radio, Nov 22 with guests featured here (see links below to listen). This week we are adding a short conversation with Crazy Flute Jack Holland and we will post that soon.   We will be back live on WRUV FM Burlington January 4 from noon-2PM. (EST) at wruv.org and 90.1FM and then Jan 18.  Listen below to the show at the links below.

https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb2/episodes/2018-11-25T05_39_38-08_00    with Tiokasin Ghosthorse and co-hosts Deb Reger and Aaron York.


https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb2/episodes/2018-11-24T07_08_03-08_00 A conversation with Mallory Black with the Stronghearts Native Helpline, Grandmother Carole Bubar Blodgett and co-hosts Deb Reger and Aaron York.


https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb2/episodes/2018-11-26T04_27_14-08_00  A conversation with Chenae Bullock with co-hosts Deb Reger and Aaron York.


Mallory Black

Mallory Black


Tiokasin Ghosthorse


Grandmother Carole Bubar-Blodgett


Host Deb Reger at WRUV FM


Co-host Aaron York on Nov 22, WGDR



Living Culture Celebrated on Moccasin Tracks Links To Current Programs

14713632_1107020152681106_2425154700586291587_nAll week the syndicated Moccasin Tracks show is being rebroadcast featuring an interview with Elnu Abenaki citizen, Melody Walker Brook on Moccasin Tracks.  After just recording the TedxStowe, Melody shared a little of that experience and news from other members of Elnu Abenaki Tribe.  It always encouraging and inspiring to talk to Melody and the conversation from that radio broadcast can be heard here:  https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb4/episodes/2018-04-25T13_33_49-07_00

The Ted Talk can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFSRiQ2h6NY


Also included in the syndicated Moccasin Tracks show is a story told by Carolyn Black Hunt (NH Abenaki) called Grizzley and Black Bear.  Listen here: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb4/episodes/2018-04-25T13_58_53-07_00   laughing-couple-photo-1  We are working on another audio edit of Carolyn from a film project that can be seen here:


Celebrating Living Culture on Moccasin Tracks continues and this week we talked to Perry Ground, Haudenosaunee storyteller and Water Protector Grandmother Carole Bubar-Blodgett we will write about them next time!  You can find links on the facebook page for Moccasin Tracks.

One last effort being made that i wanted to share and that is for broadcaster and host of First Voices Radio, Tiokasin Ghosthorse.  He is selling tee shirts to keep doing radio. Support here:

This one is for Tiokasin… it helps.

https://www.facebook.com/OneXist.Designs/  15672842_677367612441864_2981981992428820632_n

We always appreciate First Voices Radio and rebroadcasting.


Nulhegan Abenaki Gathering and Recent Interview Links With Moccasin Tracks

DSCF3514Back Roads and rain, busted muffler and flat tires is how we are rolling this week with Moccasin Tracks.  DSCF3534 copySome Traditional Ceremony took place as the Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe drum, dance and celebrate together in this abundant time of year.DSCF3523.JPGThe event took place at the Mount Norris Boy Scout Camp in Eden, Vermont.DSCF3522.JPGDSCF3525.JPGDSCF3524.JPGDSCF3527.JPGWe made lots of video which will be posted as soon possible and a one hour documentary will be made for community access TV (orca.org).  please send photos to include to Deb Reger(wruv.moccasintracks@gmail.com)

http://radiowithdeb5.podomatic.com/entry/2016-08-12T08_01_37-07_00 Good Shield Aguilar on Moccasin Tracks.  7thgenerationrise.jpgWe appreciate the good work being done at http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org

http://radiowithdeb5.podomatic.com/entry/2016-08-12T07_48_33-07_00     in this interview with Evan Pritchard we talk about his new book “Bird Medicine The Sacred Power of Bird Shamanism”  evan pritchardDSCF2995.JPG

Numen: The Nature of Plants

Film by Ann Armbrecht and Terrance Youk

Reflections on The Movie Numen

The definition of Numen from the Websters dictionary: divine or supernatural power or presence; divine power, a nod , command, divine power.(1)  Wow! And that’s how the movie opens which highlights many teachers, doctors, students, herbalists, and practitioners of healing  from many perspectives including from the  originals peoples of Turtle Island and beyond.  The short commentaries are very precious and speak to the common bond and understanding these herbalists have.  The voices extrude a consciousness of great appreciation , love and respect for the plants as medicine, plants as teachers, allies and food.   The movie also shows people working together for a greater good and a relationship these herbalists have with Nature.

I am reminded of a  story that was told to us on the radio with Carolyn Black Hunt who is Abenaki descendant living in New Hampshire.  Her and her husband  (Rick Hunt) are an artist and storyteller duo that present original and traditional stories of the Wabanaki Peoples from the Northeast Woodlands. (www.laughingcouple.com) (2)  In Carolyn’s interpretation of The Story Of How The People Got Maple Syrup we learn about relationship to Nature and Creator and also to community.  The story is about relationship to Nature and the connection the people have to her.  In this story there are many characters that also have relationship with the people and we learn like in the movie, Numen, that we need each other to complete our inner-standing (understanding) of life and living in balance .  We need relationship with Earth, animals and each other.

Link to the Story Of Maple Syrup can be heard here: http://radiowithdeb.podomatic.com/entry/2016-03-25T10_20_41-07_00 (3)carolyn-hunt-storytelling.jpg

To re-ember and inner-stand is how my current activities take these teachings and apply them on this life journey and music is another connector for me so with good feelings in my heart to try to appreciate and communicate to you the reader I offer this musical interlude.  https://soundcloud.com/redhawk-woman.. https://soundcloud.com/redhawk-woman/rembering-true-power-ft-john (4)

What I appreciate about the movie is the balance in the presentation of recognizing the history of using herbs and the importance of today’s western medicines and how hospitals are important in caring for trauma and emergencies.  No one is denying the role of science in today’s society but there is the knowledge that plants can help society thru the current climate crisis.  As some of the speakers concur, science needs to be balanced with culture, judgement and common sense.  Kenny Ausubel, director of Bioneers, (5) speaks to that balance as well when he mentions , “…(we) are separated from our roots of Nature”.

Using the “Precautionary Principal” (http://www.sehn.org/state.html) (6) and with knowledge we can change our behavior.  This concept that it would be for a greater good to prevent harm to life gives a framework to making decisions that effect the Earth in these times.  The Indigenous Environmental Network is one such organization that also adopted this concept presented in the movie, Numen.  At this site there is much in common with Food Sovereignty concepts also presented.  http://www.ienearth.org/category/food-sovereignty/ (7)  I was also witness to The Wabanki Confederacy Declaration of 2015 that adopted the Precautionary Principals in regard to protecting water and land in the Wabanaki Territory.  (8)

I learned and was reminded that wholeness is not just looking at medical tests and some times good medicine is found in the produce department of a supermarket as Chris Hobbs tells us in the movie.  We are here now to choose a way forward and for many that way is already a job that you can never be fired from as Tiokasin Ghosthorse told us at the National Day Of Mourning, 2015 at Plymouth, Mass.  We are here to Protect Mother Earth for all life and for the future generations. (9)

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Thank-you For The Opportunity For Community Service

DSCF2995Bringing the voices of the original peoples to the airwaves thru music and interviews continues to be our purpose,our volunteer work and for this we are thank-full to you our listeners.  Our first training for community radio broadcasting started in 2009 and the station manager at that time was Greg Hooker a veteran broadcaster that had great sensibilities and foresight into community radio broadcasting.  He told Moccasin Tracks that we would have to go out into the larger community to talk to the Abenaki peoples and soon we began that journey that continues today.  (Greg was manager at WGDR and was responsible for licensing of WGDH before he was retired)

DSCF0994We started broadcasting at WPCR FM Plymouth (NH) at the Plymouth State University with Pete Newell (Penobscot) who played lots of music and was a natural MC being part of Mountain Spirit Drum  and NH Intertribal Native American Council that organizes Pow Wows and state-wide events around Native Peoples issues and culture.  Pete played music and I rebroadcast First Voices Indigenous Radio with host Tiokasin Ghosthorse.  (we still do today)  http://www.firstvoicesindigenousradio.org

DSCF2280Ruth Wilder, shown here at WJSC FM Johnson, quickly became a regular (The Wilder Show) with Moccasin Tracks on this small station at Johnson State College.  We hosted shows together and brought live music on air and reached out into the community.  One person we interviewed was Carol Irons, an Abenaki from Albany, Vt.DSCF2646Carol began the conversation about Industrial Wind on ridgetops in Vermont, a topic we continue to follow.  Since Ruth was encouraging Moccasin Tracks to continue broadcasting around the state we arrived at WOOL FM Bellows Falls and thank the management there for supporting the original peoples voices and who welcome the use of their studio to produce community radio. Dee Bright Star and Kapiolani Laronal became co-hosts on a few shows at WOOL FM.DSCF2554WoolFM Bellows Falls is part of the Pacifica Radio Network and continues to broadcast the syndicated Moccasin Tracks show. (They also rebroadcast First Voices Radio and produce a show  called Indian Nation)

In the short review I just wanted to say thank you to you the listeners and everyone who joined us in an interview. To everyone who joined us on air and helped to host and produce Moccasin Tracks I want to thank you. To everyone who came for the first time to community radio, thank you for your perspective to the airwaves and especially to the perspectives of the original peoples. With this update we also want to announce that we will be posting soon the video project from the Wabanaki Confederacy Conference 2015 filmed at the Shelburne Farms, N’Dakinna. May your earth walk marvel with gratitude for this time we share together listening to and producing radio, stay with us and thank -you for this opportunity to be of community service. As this journey continues may your understanding move to respect for the original peoples of this area that we may learn to be Allies in a good way with the original peoples and honor the path that protects Mother Earth for all the future generations. See you on the radio.DSCF2776DSCF2838DSCF2910 DSCF3005