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Living Culture Celebrated on Moccasin Tracks Links To Current Programs

14713632_1107020152681106_2425154700586291587_nAll week the syndicated Moccasin Tracks show is being rebroadcast featuring an interview with Elnu Abenaki citizen, Melody Walker Brook on Moccasin Tracks.  After just recording the TedxStowe, Melody shared a little of that experience and news from other members of Elnu Abenaki Tribe.  It always encouraging and inspiring to talk to Melody and the conversation from that radio broadcast can be heard here:  https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb4/episodes/2018-04-25T13_33_49-07_00

The Ted Talk can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFSRiQ2h6NY


Also included in the syndicated Moccasin Tracks show is a story told by Carolyn Black Hunt (NH Abenaki) called Grizzley and Black Bear.  Listen here: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb4/episodes/2018-04-25T13_58_53-07_00   laughing-couple-photo-1  We are working on another audio edit of Carolyn from a film project that can be seen here:


Celebrating Living Culture on Moccasin Tracks continues and this week we talked to Perry Ground, Haudenosaunee storyteller and Water Protector Grandmother Carole Bubar-Blodgett we will write about them next time!  You can find links on the facebook page for Moccasin Tracks.

One last effort being made that i wanted to share and that is for broadcaster and host of First Voices Radio, Tiokasin Ghosthorse.  He is selling tee shirts to keep doing radio. Support here:

This one is for Tiokasin… it helps.

https://www.facebook.com/OneXist.Designs/  15672842_677367612441864_2981981992428820632_n

We always appreciate First Voices Radio and rebroadcasting.



Protecting Sacred Sites: A Conversation On Moccasin Tracks

This month a nesting Blue Heron stopped the construction on a pipeline project in Western Massuchusetts. We give thanks for his opportunity to appreciate the man in charge who’s consciousness put life first even for this brief nesting cycle and we applaud the Blue Heron gifting us with story and lessons of life.

Does a pipeline construction project have the right to desecrate Sacred Sites when a Nation with relationship to treaties and Federal Status ask for their most Sacred Sites to be protected and preserved? Who will stand with those peoples to Defend and Respect?



In this interview on Moccasin Tracks, we talk to Deputy Officer for the Narragansett Indian Tribe Historic Preservation Office and Anne Marie Garti, attorney representing the Narraganset in this case. We learn about the National Historic Preservation Act that gives the Narragansett Tribe the right to protect their most sacred sites, Ceremonial Stone Landscapes (CSL).

It is humbling to try to think with a consciousness that prioritizes these messages the ancient ones left within these CSLs.

Doug also reminds us of a time when all the Nations in the Northeast US of today and beyond would gather at Gloosap’s Cave for month long ceremonies.

Thank-you for supporting the Original People’s and upholding your part in Peace with Mother Earth and thank-you to the cousins of the Abenaki Nation, the Narragansett Indian Tribe for their continued effort to protect the Ceremonial Stone Landscape on their traditional territory.

Listen here: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb5/episodes/2017-06-15T05_19_47-07_00 intro music is from the CD Fuerto with Steven Rushingwind and the Native Groove and the song is called Corazon del Amour from el Cerrito Records and stevenrushingwind.com

From Attorney Anne Marie Garti

Motion to Intervene:

Request for one-day extension:

Answer in Opposition to the Requests for a Notice to Proceed with Construction


Doug-HarrisDoug Harris, Deputy Officer for Narragansett Tribal Historic Preservation Office.

Request for Rehearing:

Traditional Abenaki Ash Baskets and Apprenticing with Master Artist

A Conversation With Kerry Wood and Aaron Wood On Moccasin Tracks Feb 23, 2017

We are delighted to have had an opportunity to talk with Kerry Wood and her son Aaron Wood about making baskets with traditional Abenaki techniques and values.  Both apprenticed with Master Artist Jeanne Brink and the Vermont Folklife Center Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program.  Aron shares a bit about harvesting and preparing to weave the basket which he says is about 90% of the work!  dscf3769DSCF3766.JPG

Kerry tells us about the fancy work on this basket and tells us about the baskets her Great Grandmother Elvine Obomsawin and family made for their livlihood.  She says there was a time they got 5 cents for a basket!dscf3762DSCF3768.JPG

https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb8/episodes/2017-02-25T08_52_09-08_00  Listen to our conversation from the live broadcast on WRUV FM Burlington.  DSCF3770.JPG

Join the Abenaki Artists Association and Lake Champlain Maritime Museum for Abenaki Heritage Weekend, June 25-26, 2017.

Red Warrior Society And Mothers Against Meth Alliance/East Coast Tour Stop In Montpelier

16388063_758674144287603_1936467527259763983_nIn the following podcasts of the audio we collected Feb 2, 2017 at the Unitarian Church in Montpelier, Vermont, Moccasin Tracks is honored to have recorded these voices from the front lines of the No DAPL Prayer camps that are still in resistance near Cannon Ball, ND. These Warriors speak from their hearts in an effort to inform and educate. They tell us their personal stories and we are honored to be able to share them with you here. Also you will here from founder of Mothers Against Meth Alliance, Julie Richards (Oglala Lakota) who has a vision to build a safe house for youth on her reservation.

https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb8/episodes/2017-02-05T13_44_16-08_00 Listen here to Julie Richards personal story.

16425895_757775347710816_7359956142123805683_nthis is the banner they brought with them and we will be posting the complete presentation on youtube.com/MoccasinTracks


https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb8/episodes/2017-02-10T05_51_31-08_00    this is Ernie Cobiness on the tour…just the song

https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb8/episodes/2017-02-10T06_04_27-08_00  and this is the Ernie, his presentation and song

here is Victor Puertas and other Red Warriors on tour: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/radiowithdeb8/episodes/2017-02-10T06_25_46-08_00


Thank-you Red Warrior society and Mothers Against Meth Alliance!  We appreciate your work !  Mni Wiconi! Water Is Life!




Evan Pritchard Joins Us On Air With Moccasin Tracks and WRUV FM Burlington, January 19, 2017 at 1 PM

evan-p-2full-moon-feb-24-2013-014Pritchard.jpgWe were happy to find Native New Yorkers, The Legacy Of The Algonquin People Of New York at the University Of Vermont library to read about the area where there is another pipeline called unfortunately, The Pilgrim Pipeline, that would carry fossil-fuel poisons thru the traditional Algonquin Territory.

No Word For Time…

Many years of research by this Miʼkmaq author, professor, musician, speaker, Cultural Keeper, and advocate for the rights of the Original Peoples precedes this conversation we will have with Evan Pritchard on Jan 19, 2017 at 1PM with Moccasin Tracks on a Live interview on wruv.org and locally at 90.1FM.

A few years ago I was handed a copy of the book by Evan Pritchard, “There Is No Word For Time” (thank-you Carol Irons) and had listened to Tiokasin Ghosthorse interview Evan on First Voices Radio inspired me to check out was was in the University of Vermont Library and found Native New Yorkers Legacy of the Algonquin Peoples

The Legacy Of the Algonquin

He writes about the landscape and the original peoples of so-called New York with many references to the Wabanaki Peoples and Lenape Nation with original place names and agreements and treaties that still exist with the peoples that remain who still have the Wampum Belts that documented the Peace and Friendship Agreements. The importance of this historic writing reflects in the Living Culture that exists today with the Lenape Nation, as an example, as they try to practice their traditional way of life to protect Water and Mother Earth and resist the Pilgrim Pipeline.

The writing follows the trails and when we can see beyond the roads, bridges, dams and other development we can feel the presence of a traditional values and ways of being. We can begin to understand and respect this point of view from this Miʼkmaq man.

As preparations for a “400 year” celebration of Pilgrims in Plymouth, Mass. and Lenape people stand firm as protectors to their homelands we ask our listeners to open your hearts to listen to the real history to appreciate our responsibility to not just acknowledge but to understand and work for change that embraces a stewardship and way of life that lives in balance with Mother Earth as these original peoples did for 10,000ʼs thousands of years before European contact.

The bio-diversity that Evan Pritchard writes about in his book may be hard to imagine as the city structures of 500 years of colonization surround us today, but would behoove us to celebrate. From Standing Rock to Plymouth Rock to Split Rock stand with the living cultures today that are leading the way forward with traditions practiced that let Spirit guide.

We look forward to a conversation with Evan Pritchard on Moccasin Tracks, Jan 19, 2017 at 1PM. Tune the radio on at 90.1FM or online at wruv.org. Look to our Moccasin Tracks page on Facebook for links to interviews.no-word-for-timeevan-pritcharddscf3692dscf2565

Unity Begins With U


U in the woods
U in prayer
U in Gratitude
U in the mountains U in Nakinna

reading an article in the St Albans newspaper in so-called Vermont moved me to tears as it was expressing generosity and love
from the Missisquoi Abenaki (Western Abenaki Nation)
A prayer in action to the Water Protectors at Standing Rock



A truck left from Plymouth, New Hampshire yesterday with supplies for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock while students at the University of Vermont are petitioning and marching thru campus demanding divestment from the Dakota Access Pipeline thru TD Bank and students at Dartmouth make ready to contribute to peaceful non-violent resistance to the Dakota Access (Excess) Pipeline and Brown University students lock-down to Wells Fargo Bank. Respect and Love to U all of U doing


This Week on Moccasin Tracks, Dec 6

Next week on Moccasin Tracks, Dec 6 on WRUV FM at the 5PM hour, we will talk with James Beard (Noodin) from the NE Cultural (http://northeastcultural.com/). He and Leslie Greenwood who is part of the Circle with Noodin will tell us about their supply runs and the ongoing supporting this NH group is providing for Standing Rock and NoDAPL.

Announcements And Podcast Links

Starting Dec 13 thru Jan 10, 2017 (Tuesdays) Moccasin Tracks will be enjoying extended broadcast time: Noon-4PM. We are including guests and co-hosts, readings and live music. Join us for the rebroadcasts of First Voices Radio and National Native News. Thank-you for supporting Moccasin Tracks and the perspectives, music, art, languages and relationships with the original peoples especially of this area known by the Western Abenaki Peoples as Ndakinna and all the Nations we reach during the broadcast we thank you as we are moving thru these sacred times.


Links To Recent Podcasts


This clip of Moccasin Tracks Nov 1,2016 was broadcast on WRUV FM Burlington with Jadina Lilien and Tiokasin Ghosthorse who’s collaboration “Butterfly Against The Wind” celebrates with a book signing event this week in NYC at the Earth Ethics. Joining us by skype we talk to Tiokasin and Jadina about their work. Jadina shares with us her inspiration and interpretations of the Art she produces using her many artistic talents. After pre-viewing the work and listening to each of them share from the heart we can appreciate how we might be able to apply these concepts to our own lives. Tiokasin reflects on his recent journey’s to gift audiences with his Lakota perspective of respect with and in defense of Mother Earth. He gifts us with a deeper understanding of concepts of “Makah Sitomni” and “Maka Ina”. For more: www.JadinaLilien.com www.firstvoicesindigenousradio.org


Interview with Gali Sanchez


Joining us by phone we talk to Gali Sanchez about the use of Native Mascots and the appropriation of Native Culture. From the NH Abenaki Nation Gali is residing in Virginia and shares a story about seeking change. He worked with other Nations to bring to the attention of the school board the concerns and the disrespect this shows to the youth and community. He talks about the teaching he will offer to teachers about teaching the history of the original peoples from their perspective. He tells us of his travels to speak to public school teachers about youth suicide and especially Native youth. A teacher and educator, Gali Sanchez shares appreciation for Elders and his community and land base, N’Dakinna, where his ancestors are from


Good Morning





“Water Is Life, No DAPL and Spiritual Relationships with Water As Told On Community/Student Radio at WRUV FM Burlington” Writing Work in Progress with deb reger

dscf1650Since Sacred Stone Camp began in the Spring of 2016, we began to interview live from the campus of University of Vermont on Moccasin Tracks some of the many voices from the North Dakota area known as Cannonball, ND and is also the traditional Treaty Territory of the Oceti Sakowin (Seven Councils Fire). They call themselves “Water Protectors” and in this article we will explore why? who they are? and their spiritual relationship with water. We have talked to leaders, campers and allies, spokespersons and we will use their words to describe the largest Indigenous Gathering in over 140 years. Over 300 Nations have sent letters and or delegations to
the Standing Rock Lakota Sioux Tribe in solidarity to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline in the last 6 months and recently the Federal Government (US Army Corps Of Engineers) said the camp
can remain. We ask this question: What do 300 Nations have in common to stand in solidarity with the Oceti Sakowin (Lakota, Dakota and Nakota )
and Why are so many risking arrest in non-violent direct action? We will also explore Indigenous Perspectives on Water and talk about some of the ancient prophecies that are inspiring this camp and many other actions to protect “Sacred Water”.
I Heard It On The Radio: Perspectives Of The Water Walker And The Water Protector
Original Peoples Are Leading Resistance To Dakota Access Pipeline With Traditional Ways
“Sound is waves of energy or vibrations transmitted as moving molecules of air”, said our environmental science teacher, Deane Wang. Those sound waves traveling the wind with a certain frequency can be heard by our ears and heart with radio transmission. “We are looking at air, water and land this semester thru the lens of science-based human relationship with the Earth”, Deane said. To date none of the visiting guest speakers to our class have mentioned Traditional Indigenous Ecological Knowledge but when we are listening to our guests on the radio we learn a little more about this perspective that science intersects regularly. At a lecture we recorded for Moccasin Tracks (the radioshow we broadcast on WRUV FM Burlington)Tiokasin Ghosthorse, from the Lakota Nation said, “ when you can have a language that can address something like a tornado, there is something scientific about that. Quantum Physics, Mathematics is in our language..our language is alive..we were told stories that there is life in everything” he said. Using radio as a means to communicate an understanding about the ways of the original peoples of over 500 Nations on this land known Turtle Island we are moving with understanding and respect for the Original Peoples and in this writing we transcribe the voices and interviews to give a perspective of living culture and a greater appreciation of what is happening today in the traditional treaty territory of the Oceti Sakowin (Lakota, Nakota and Dakota Nations) where thousands have been gathering at the Sacred Stone Camps and non-violent actions and prayer are a mainstay to stop the construction of a pipeline that threatens the drinking water for millions of people and all life.Exploring just some of the traditions in this short narrative, we find there are threads of common struggle, consciousness and ways of being that Original Peoples and First Nations share which demand our respect and support. From the original languages and traditions, sacred spaces and ceremony come the resisters living today at the camps that protect the water for the future generations. Non-native peoples are resisting too as allies and joining this incredible movement that is challenging the brutal capitalistic mind-set that abuses precious water and Mother Earth’s gifts that sustain and nurture all life. Inspired by prophesies and lead by Spiritual Teachers the Oceti Sakowin Camps may in turn inspire others to choose carefully the way forward in the ways we walk with Mother Earth.

In May, 2014 Moccasin Tracks talked to Anishinabae Elder Sharon Day, who was preparing to walk the Ohio River says, “the water has given us life and now we support the water.” She collected water from the headwaters to carry the length of the river by the women. “Water is a life-giver and women are life-givers”, says Sharon Day, “and women are the keepers of water, that’s why the women carry the water.” “We want the walk to be a prayer, every step we take we will be thinking of the water” Sharon said. Joining us on the phone, Raven Courtney who had been walking with Sharon Day said, “ water is in my heart. I walk for the water and I believe our waters need help. We walk for the water. We pray for the water. Sometimes I feel the damage and that worries me because water is our lifeline.” Sharon added,” as we walk we are silent unless we are singing. We ask people to think about water as walking.”

“Some people ask why we do it, Yes, to raise awareness is part of it. We hope to do that. The main purpose is to speak to the spirit of water because everything has spirit and those who love the water , respect the water”, Sharon Day continued. In a prophecy story Sharon explains,” when the world is fouled and the water polluted, people will have to choose materialism or spirituality. We choose spirituality, we have faith in the water spirits, we have faith in love…we thank the water, we respect the water, we love the water. What we saw in Appalachia was the first time I saw white folks treated so badly. It was difficult to walk thru there. Just breathing was difficult. Smoke stack after smoke stack after smoke stack….in the process of walking that’s the ceremony….we all have to change our relationship to Earth and Water and its easier to do with people who think the same.” She encourages us, “take a little tobacco and go to the river…all the water we have now is all the water we will ever have.” Today Sharon Day and friends are walking the Potomac River in a Sacred Water Walk. (October 2016)

Another Water Walker, Carole Bubar-Blodgett, joined us on Moccasin Tracks several times to talk about Sacred Water Walks along Androscogin River, Cheyenne River and in the summer of 2016 she walked the Penobscot River. She says,”we need people to come back to the water, that water birthed us all….ceremony is simple, it doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be just giving thanks before you drink a glass of water..and remember to add water to your spirit plates!” Carole says, “water remembers and has memory and it shares information drop to drop. As I see more and more desecration happening I see we have forgotten responsibility. Its my responsibility to make sure there is clean water for the 7th generation. If we don’t have clean pure water we won’t be able to birth the 7th generation. That’s a hard reality.” Carol says,” It is time for us to step up and be a voice for the voiceless, to use ceremony that has been passed to me in a prayerful way, to fix the broken connection.” She says,” our prophecies tell us it is time for unity, water is life. It is your source.” Today Carole is living at the Sacred Stone Camp and preparing for winter.

When we talked to Cody Hall who is the media contact for Red Warrior Camp, he said,” I am asking the whole world to hear our plight and come stand with us in a peaceful manner. it is right to go and protect what is ours and has always been ours, so i am asking you guys to please come in support. Our lives are in jeopardy . Stand with us so this pipeline is defeated.” He said,” Educate yourself. Every week there is a oil spill, its time for us to wake up..Flint, Michigan Look what happened there. This can happen everywhere. Water will not be a free commodity soon.” The camps are spiritual and traditional with no weapons, no alcohol and no drugs allowed. From the over 300 Nations that have joined in solidarity there is a unity forming that includes the struggles of all these peoples/Nations and connects us all.

Carol Bubar-Blodgett in the most recent Moccasin Tracks interview said , “there have been over 400 oil spills since January in North and South Dakota…..I have been walking the Sundance way of life since 1999. As a Sundancer I was given the Sacred Bundle to hold for the youth and the 7th generation…. during a vision quest an earwig took me to the Water. Water is life and I’ve always been drawn to the water. The Hopi Nation carried water to the World Water Forum in 2006 ..their message was Water Is Life and should not be privatized.”

Camping at the Sacred Stone Camp, Joye Braun (Cheyenne River Lakota) is a frontline organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network and spoke on Moccasin Tracks during a protest at the ND Statehouse. She said, “everything we do starts with prayer and ends with prayer.” When asked about the youth she says, “ 2 years ago when President Obama visited Standing Rock, he told the youth they had a future and promised them they could choose their future….. So the youth decided to run to Washington DC with a petition for the President to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.” She later said she would love to just do Grandmother things bake cookies and go to Pow Wow’s and take care of her grandchildren, but, “ we have a spiritual obligation to the 7th generation.” she said and that is why they are protectors of water and are resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Josephine Mandamin,an honored Ojibway Elder, was walking earlier this summer on a Sacred Water Walk that followed the footsteps of the ancestors from the east to Madeline Island. She says,” we rely on the good hearts of the people, we are walking with faith. We feel the presence of the ancestors, the animals hear us…the water we walk with is protection..water should not be sold….she says if you wrap something in plastic it dies….its always “grassroots people that make things move…as women we carry life, we carry sacred water in our womb with life…women have a responsibility to protect the water.” Grandmother Josephine asks,”what are you going to do about it?…you cannot waste water it is to precious..think about water.”

“We have a moment in history right now that we can change…that’s why we are here at Red Warrior Camp…we put a call out to able bodies that will put their bodies on the line for the water..,”said Cody Hall from the Cheyenne River Lakota. He was talking to Moccasin Tracks in August, 2016. “We give the youth a platform,” he says,”we have to create our own message..music is a gift..and we all like music.” One night when he was the MC a young girl in Jingle Dress Regalia spoke,”..we need to stop this oil from polluting the water or all the babies will die.” When we asked Cody how does he keep his energy positive he says,” I am spiritually and traditionally connected to my ways of life without those this would break me down….do your part as part of the human race.” He remains spokesperson for the Red Warrior Camp after arrested outside the Camp and jailed in Morton County Jail, No. Dakota released 3 days later on bail in September, 2016.

From an interview with Moccasin Tracks Dec 30, 2014, Tiokasin Ghosthorse,Lakota Nation, says,”the highest form of intelligence, I say this all the time, is to live with Mother Earth.” He says,”there is a collective sense of being all over this land..it is softer than concrete…almost every Native person that I see who are really Native, they don’t have anger in their eyes…thru the eyes you can see the ocean of peace in every Native and I’ve seen that..I trust in that…Mother Earth provides for us if we only recognize her and honor her we can retain our spirit ..and have peace with Mother Earth.”


To be continued… Join us on Moccasin Tracks on WRUV FM Burlington every Tuesday 4-6PM. The Oceti Sakowin, 7 Councils Fire, continue to Protect The Water, Mni Wiconi, with non-violent direct-action taking place every day to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline along its 1272 mile proposed route and a 3.7 billion dollar cost to continue the fossil-fuel consumptive, life destroying capitalistic plans. This historical show of solidarity with over 300 Original Nations, First Nations, Tribes and Indigenous Peoples world-wide calling for the Protection of Sacred Sites and Water and to Stop the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline included letters of support from Vermont Abenaki Chief Don Stevens of the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk-Abenaki and Chief Roger Longtoe Sheehan of the Elnu Tribe of Abenaki, as well as other Wabanaki Nations, Penobscot Nation and Wolastoq Grand Council. Many Eastern Tribes are also sending supplies and delegations with gifts and protocol always followed. The people gathered are considered Water Protectors and are there to protect the water from oil contamination.This story has no end and no one beginning like the Wabanaki symbol that looks like the figure eight sideways, the people remain a living culture and could be your neighbor, an Abenaki once told Moccasin Tracks. To hear the complete conversations click on the links below. choose the closing music here: http://www.nativeamericanmusicawards.com/free-music


Karen Ducheneaux, Cheyenne River Lakota, DAPL Resistance

http://radiowithdeb5.podomatic.com/entry/2016-09-09T05_54_48-07_00  Cody Hall September 8, 2016
Cody Hall is part of the media team for the Red Warrior Camp which is part of the Oceti Sakowin that have gathered creating Sacred Stone Camp and the Rosebud Camp or All Nations Camp and the Red Warrior Camp as many are gathering in solidarity with the Standing Rock Lakota peoples in their challenge to the Dakota Access (crude oil) Pipeline which wants to bring oil from the Bakken over 1,000 miles to the Gulf for export. The camp was started in April and has many Nations in solidarity. In this conversation with Cody he tells us the National Guard has been called and have taken up positions on the highways surrounding the camps as we publish this podcast.

http://radiowithdeb4.podomatic.com/entry/2016-06-09T10_48_37-07_00  Interview with Carole Bugbar Blodgett

http://wpcrmoccasintracks.podomatic.com/entry/2015-07-16T13_25_47-07_00 Grandmother Josephine on MT JULY 16, 2016